Hmm, I know how I feel.

For someone that is continuing to play the Strawman… Both Atheism and Agnosticism attempt to answer the same question: “Is there or are there a god or gods?” Agnosticism answers… “I don’t Know.” That’s what the term literally means. Atheism answers… “I don’t believe. Convince me with Evidence.” Neither of these two positions makes any […] […]

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Well, can you?

I have written before about the big picture of life, we’re here etc. Like I explained there, I consider myself an atheist in terms of what I believe. However, the ‘You are a Badass’ book by Jen Sincero talks very early on about spirituality and believing in a higher energy or force. She calls it […]

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The Secular Coalition of America

Why didn’t I do this before? I went as far as the Secular Student Alliance, but when that attempt at a student group at North Central Michigan College bombed I gave up on it. I’ve changed my focus to include many secular ideas and information about them, but without openly referring to them as atheist-related. […]

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