Daily Prompt: Acceptance

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance People in general need to learn acceptance. I don’t mean just acceptance of other people and their lifestyles, although that is desperately needed as well. What I am referring to in particular is acceptance related to oneself. Everyone has personal issues or limitations that they either need to accept or have […]

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Daily word: Pattern

via Daily Prompt: Pattern The word of the day is pattern, let’s see how I can relate “pattern” with my life, education, or something else relevant to my life. I believe successful people follow a certain pattern before they become successful. That pattern consists of constant learning, of never being content with the way things […]

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Daily Word: Desire

We have an interesting one here. Desire, what can we say about desire? Everyone has desires, it is definitely part of the human condition known as life. My desires are simple: be a productive member of my family and society, and to never, ever stop learning. I generally like to set one or two desires […]

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Daily Word: Doubt

Doubt, let’s see where this one goes.   We all have doubt: that is part of the human condition. I, fortunately, do not feel the burden of doubt currently, and it feels good just to say that. Now, should I have doubt? I feel compelled  to admit a healthy dose of self-doubt might be a […]

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Daily Word: Hesitate

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate Hesitate is the word of the day, or should it be the word of the day to avoid? He who hesitates is last. (Quote by – Mae West) We are a puny and fickle folk. Avarice, hesitation, and following are our diseases. (Quote by – Ralph Waldo Emerson) And a personal […]

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Daily word: Quicken

via Daily Prompt: Quicken This brings to mind a couple things. First is from the old Highlander tv series. The show was about a sub-race of humans called immortals. They started out human and then when they died, they woke back up and lived forever, until their heads were cut off. When an immortal’s head was […]

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Word of the day: Center

via Daily Prompt: Center There are many meanings of the word “center.” Obviously, I don’t want to write about them all, so I’ll just pick one, note it, and start going. Center: to come to a focus; converge; concentrate (followed by at, about,around, in, or on): The interest of the book centers specifically on the character […]

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Word of the Day: Jiggle

via Daily Prompt: Jiggle Jiggle, what can we say about jiggle? What immediately comes to mind is that picture of Santa Claus that most Americans have in their heads. That’s a picture I have in MY head at least, “his belly jiggling as he laughed.”

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