“Do we truly understand Trump’s motivation?” “Heinous Contravention of The Constitution”

Donald Trump wasn’t always a Republican. In fact, he was a staunch Democrat until a few years ago when Obama said something in front of a room full of people, which in all likelihood really pissed him off. When Obama mocked him at the White House Correspondents Dinner, in front of a room of people he regarded as important, people who were largely involved somehow in journalism, it probably didn’t make him happy, to say the least. With Trump being notoriously active on Twitter we can safely assume that he knows how fast videos and other media can spread on social media, how things can go viral. The fact that it was also certainly broadcast on every major news network and quite literally millions of people saw it really couldn’t have helped his mental state. If you use YouTube and have had a chance to look for it, you can see the annoyance all over Trump’s face at being mocked by Obama. A theory that has been posited is that this was the exact moment when he decided to run for president. Of course, only he and someone who can actually read his mind can tell what truly inspired him to run for office; I cannot believe he did it because of a genuine desire to make this country a better place. I don’t think he has it in him to think about anyone else. He is basically a classic narcissist. To say that I am disgusted with him personally and with the way he has led our country is a morbid understatement. When America was founded, the men who created the Declaration of Independence intentionally wrote into it that religion has no place whatsoever in the American system of government and Trump’s speech was just brimming with Christian ideology.

Someone needs to charge him with a grievous violation of the establishment clause, which says the government cannot favor ANY religion, and on the emoluments clause that he has been openly violating and apparently has no intention of ever rectifying, the one about divesting himself of any business interests that can potentially profit from foreign governments.

Is the America I am proud to be a part of, the America that was founded by the mostly secular deist community in the New World, the America that has proudly served as “a beacon of light” since its inception, and the America that as a natural-born citizen I have been indoctrinated to feel love for, really going down this path?

There are multiple watchdogs, legal and constitutional lawyers, American political aficionados, and the numerous civilian organizations that actively work to keep our government secular. Here’s why: it was never intended to be a Christian nation, especially the exceedingly religious right arm of Christianity that it has become in the 200-odd years since the American Revolution. Actually, men were rebelling against King George of England. He had established a state religion and all subjects were forced to abide by its rules or face royal retribution (censorship or exile generally), even those in the New World, an entire ocean away. I can find more about this if anyone is really interested or they can just ask me because I know an awful lot about US history.

Deism link – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_deists

The more I think about what he said in this clip,  the more this annoys me. I consider myself fairly well-educated when it comes to US history and US government. I have read considerable material written by our founding fathers, about our founding fathers, and about their entire movement away from English rule. I find it incredibly interesting. So much so that the degree I’m going for is a dual degree: the primary degree is in communications (which is what I want to get into), while the secondary degree is in political science.


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