Secular Student Alliance mk II

When I was attending school at NCMC I attempted start a student organization. This was a branch of the Secular Student Alliance and it did not go well at all. In fact I never met anyone that wanted to join my group.

Now I am attending a school with something like 50,000+ students versus < 5,000 at NCMC. The general direction that my chosen degree is leading me is to that of a political activist or may be a journalist that focuses on politics. Ever since my first government class in high school I have noticed the differences between what the Constitution protects and what many people think it does. Every time I see a politician say that America is a Christian nation it infuriates me. I have made it a point to study history and it has actually become a hobby of mine, meaning I don’t study it because I have to; no, I study it because I find it interesting and I think the founding fathers were men of exceptional intelligence and wisdom. The academic nature of most of our founding fathers serves as evidence for this. Benjamin Franklin for example, although never a president he did have a hand in writing the Constitution, was a deeply religious man. He regularly conferred with Thomas Paine, the author of many essays speaking against religion, including the pamphlet that many agree was highly influential to the founding fathers,  Common Sense.

So I am starting this student group, the Secular Student Alliance, at Southern New Hampshire University. I’m going to need to help, but with 30,000 other students, this shouldn’t be a problem.

I am sort of concealing this group within a larger group focused on politics: student politics, as well as local and national. It will cover and act as a resource for young voters to make informed decisions at the polls and to improve youth political engagement. As part of that, it will educate on the secular nature of the Constitution and the apparently secular intentions of the founders. It may even serve as a resource to locate local polling locations.


One thought on “Secular Student Alliance mk II

  1. Anyone who feels so inclined should look me up via almost any social media platform you can think of; chances are that I have at least one presence there. I would ideally like to expand my social network to include as many people from as many different walks of life as I possibly can.

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