I think world war III started a while ago and no one noticed…

The world political situation right now is terrifying. However, I know there isn’t a thing I can do and so I am content to sit here, far away from major centers of civilization that will certainly be targets in the all-out world war three that’s coming. North Korea will do something stupid (again) and Trump will attack them. Meanwhile Isis and most of the Islamic world is hell bent on destroying the US and that’s a war that will only get worse as time progresses. On top of these two upcoming and ongoing “wars,” the moment we turn our attention away from Russia to focus on North Korea we will be unprepared for the cyber attacks aimed at our democracy from the Russian government who has been seeking to undermine our entire system of government since the establishment of communism after World War II.

Really to anyone paying attention to how this type of thing has historically played out, not that this exact thing has happened before, this should be frightening. The worst weapons mankind has had in it’s possession at any given time have been used were used: mustard gas, napalm, atomic bombs, all of it. Nothing was off limits. The next war, which it can be argued is already underway, WILL involve weapons of mass destruction rarely seen before.

Already we’re seeing nerve gas of some kind being used against innocent civilians in Syria, Iran likely has a nuclear weapon and undoubtedly has a stockpile of chemical and biological weapons. We don’t quite know what they will do yet since they aren’t acting as provocative as North Korea, Russia, or Isis. Anyone who thinks that Korea will hesitate to use any weapons in their arsenal is just dead wrong. We know they have missiles. We know they are very close, if not already there, to having a deliverable nuclear weapon. When all hell breaks loose (more than it already has), I would suspect it will be at least a 3 or 4 way war.

We may be forced to ally with China in order to stand a chance, maybe even let them take the lead and absorb North Korea into the Chinese Republic. While they’re at it, they will probably subdue Taiwan and their brief attempt at democracy will be snuffed out.

I’m left to wonder if the treaties that were signed where the various superpowers agreed that no nation would be allowed to weaponize outer space will hold, and if so for how long. How long before the cosmonauts and astronauts on the international space station divide and battle between themselves? Are there guns on the ISS? Will it come to that? Will the treaties survive? Can humanity unite

One thing is for sure: things are going to change big time. This whole situation is exciting, from a certain point of view: really, really terrifying, but strangely exciting.

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