Daily Prompt: Acceptance

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance

People in general need to learn acceptance. I don’t mean just acceptance of other people and their lifestyles, although that is desperately needed as well. What I am referring to in particular is acceptance related to oneself. Everyone has personal issues or limitations that they either need to accept or have accepted. I have to accept many things and not many of these are easy. I have MS; that was a pretty easy one to accept, although not that easy to deal with. I am a very nontraditional student and that just means I am a little bit wiser than the average student, at least in my opinion. I cannot support myself on the money I receive for being on Social Security disability, allright not that surprising considering I get less than $700 a month. Now for the ones I believe I need to accept, but have not fully accepted yet. I may never get better. I may have to deal with certain issues forever. I might not do that good in school when I return in May. All of my ideas to suggest to professors probably won’t go over that well. They do this stuff for a living and I am completely new to it. Maybe I will never be successful, in general or in the career that I am trying to get into. Call me cynical or whatever I don’t care; that’s just how I see it.

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