College Update


I guess since this is a pretty big part of my life lately, I’ll talk a little bit about my journey back into college. I’ve been out of school for two years now since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I have my associate’s degree, but I would like to go farther. I had originally wanted to teach at the college level, but MS forced me to reconsider that career. I went downhill quickly and dropped out of college before I was done with one semester towards my bachelor’s after I was diagnosed. Now my doctor’s treatment has drastically changed how I’m feeling and I want to go back to school, maybe I’ll even teach someday.

I started looking at going back to school around the beginning of this month. The first school I looked at was Southern New Hampshire University. After a little bit of thought, I decided I should probably look around and see if I could find a cheaper alternative. I spent a few days researching different schools and different ways of pursuing this degree before I came back to Southern New Hampshire University’s communication program, with a concentration in new media. They have an amazing record of accomplishment in online education. While other schools may have been around longer, there are very few with as many credentials as they have.

Because of multiple sclerosis, I have to take the disability services and my chosen school’s policies concerning disabled students into consideration. SNHU by far has the best in available education aids and they have a comprehensive disability resource center. I am afraid I may miss out on some of the experiences associated with a conventional college education and so I have started to look into some online alternatives to traditional student organizations and clubs. I was outright turned down when I looked into the learning center at SNHU. They sent me an email directing me to somebody else so we’ll have to see where that goes.

Now that they’ve got me “hooked”, I hope they’re not just saying tough shit.


I screwed up pretty big recently and I feel this is a mistake I definitely don’t want to make again. I have been experiencing a ton of stress while enrolling in classes, deciding on a major, and generally with everything related to college.

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