My Road

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I have been giving my path through life much thought lately, as I prepare to begin my studies towards my bachelor degree and wherever this may take me. I look back at the way I thought my life was going at certain points in my life and marvel at how some of those have changed and others have morphed into a definitive purpose.

One of the first things that really motivated me was curiosity. Curiosity to know things, from “how” something works to “why” and everything inbetween drove me to investigate everything I encountered. I took apart a car stereo just to see how it worked; it doesn’t matter that it never worked again, I was curious. Now, I am proud to say that when I take something apart to understand it (and I do in a sense deconstruct some things to better understand their meaning), I almost always manage to reconstruct it as it was. So in this respect I do very much stay on the road I started on, although not as I had imagined.

As a child my father and older siblings, and later almost every male I knew, tinkered with things to improve them and I honestly thought that would be my lot in life as well. Imagine my despair as I came to be physically disabled. I thought there was no possible way for me to follow in their footsteps and “fix things.”

I have come to the conclusion that I am, in fact, going to fix things, just not the way they did. My purview is more intellectual in nature, and not as physical as theirs. I take information and format it in a way that is easy to understand, so I fix it to be consumed by the masses the same as any other commodity. So I do follow their path after all.

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