Am I Going To Be On Time?

This is a vaguely familiar feeling. When I enrolled at North Central Michigan College, I started my enrollment process right before the semester I wanted to start in started. At the time college really was a ‘spur of the moment’ decision. My younger brother, Brad, mentioned how he was getting some money back for his refund for financial aid before too long and that was all because he had enrolled in a few classes. He said it wasn’t even going to cost him anything because he could (and I could too) get a Pell grant that would pay his tuition, for his books and supplies, and leave a little left over after he was done paying that stuff. That sounded like a pretty sound investment the more I thought about it. I had spent my entire working life from the age of 14 trying to make enough money to live on, and so far it hadn’t been very productive. To top that off, I had been rough on my body. At the time, I was 30 and I had broken ribs several times, various fingers and knuckles, my nose no less than 10 or 15 times by my estimate (I got into a lot of fights), and I had false teeth because my original teeth had been largely broken and rotted.

I got enrolled at NCMC for that semester with four classes, which I soon realized was far too ambitious. I dropped a class shortly after the start of the semester, and finished the semester with a perfect grade. The next semester went very similar and after the end of it I was invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society for community colleges. I joined, soon took on an officer responsibility, treasurer, and remained a member until graduation 3 years later.

Now, my dreams have refined a little, from the plain English degree I was shooting for at NCMC, to a BA in communication with a focus on New Media. Maybe medical research will go farther than I hope while I am still an appropriate age, and I will still teach someday, only time can tell.

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