Daily word: Quicken

via Daily Prompt: Quicken

This brings to mind a couple things. First is from the old Highlander tv series. The show was about a sub-race of humans called immortals. They started out human and then when they died, they woke back up and lived forever, until their heads were cut off. When an immortal’s head was cut off by another immortal a quickening occurred where lightning coursed through their body as they gained their vanquished enemy’s power. All laced with special effects, it was kind of cool for a scifi nerd like me in the early ’90s.

The other thing that quicken makes me think of involves those lusty romance novels for horny teenage girls and housewives. Let me just channel my inner romance author for a moment:

Her perky breasts rose and fell with her quickened breathing as his firm hands groped her ass while their lips met. She moaned in pure ecstasy as their bodies press together in the break room of the office……

This could go on, and I’m sure there is a very similar segment of a novel in some girls locker. I’m sure there are tons of things others think of when they hear quicken.

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