Word of the day: Center

via Daily Prompt: Center

There are many meanings of the word “center.” Obviously, I don’t want to write about them all, so I’ll just pick one, note it, and start going.

Center: to come to a focus; converge; concentrate (followed by at, about,around, in, or on):

The interest of the book centers specifically on the character of the eccentric hero. Political power in the town centers in the position of mayor.
This is an idea that implies a sort of self-awareness that many do not possess. I try to center myself before any major decision. Lately, I have felt the need to center myself quite often as I am forced to make decisions that will possibly have life-changing effects. At least my intention is for these decisions to lead to opportunities for me and my family to kind of climb the social ladder, as it is. That is another story, but centering one’s self is what I want to discuss. What does it mean, how do I accomplish this, and why do I feel the need?
We will start with “what does it mean,”. Nothing like making this difficult. To center yourself, you prioritize your life and your goals. I’ll explain what I try to do when I attempt to center myself. My overriding goal currently is to assist my wife in any way possible to provide a better life for our little family. I only make about 7.5k per year from social security disability. How a person can do anything beyond simply existing on that amount of money per year is beyond me. I earned my associate’s degree a few years ago and I am convinced now that I can go farther with my education and earn more money per year. With that in mind, I have set my personal goals and the direction I will actively take my life to achieve these goals in motion.
Now, how do I accomplish this? I am going to earn my B.A. degree and attempt to earn my living by doing most of my work remotely. That way, I can do much of my work at an office here where my wife can keep her job, which pays quite well.
The last question, why do I feel the need, is relatively simple, not that any of these are difficult. The reason why I feel the need to do this is because I refuse to be a burden on anyone at all for as long as I can avoid it. Sitting at home everyday as I have been is unacceptable.
These are the various ways I attempt to center myself: by reminding myself constantly of what, how, and why I am putting myself through this academic journey, with so much self-criticism constantly used to ensure that I produce excellent work and attain the most prestigious career I am able.

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