Extreme Religious Parenting… again: Sad Sunday Morning

A sad story of religious child abuse and murder that I read of on Reddit this morning. from the http://www.edmontonjournal.com ‘They knew he was dying’ Parents guilty of 1st-degree murder in …

Source: Extreme Religious Parenting… again: Sad Sunday Morning

I wanted to share this and say a little bit about it. This is just one terrible case among millions of believers. I grew up in a religious home where I didn’t go to the doctor more than a few times throughout my entire childhood life, but I wouldn’t blame religion for that. I don’t feel the need to blame anyone for that, but I do recall families with very strict religious beliefs who refused all kinds of medical treatment. I thought that was stupid, even when I was young and naive. What’s more is that my mother, who was my main caregiver, talked about it with disdain like she also saw it as despicable. Now that I’m older, wiser, and definitely more of a ‘thinking man’, I revel in the knowledge that those responsible for these horrible acts, based on some outdated Bronze Age text, will be held accountable. Knowing their ages, both in their late 50s I think, I can breathe easy knowing it is unlikely either of them will see each other or freedom again. Maybe that’s kind of vindictive, but I don’t care. Their treatment of their own child is so torturous, so vile and immoral, that they deserve the WORST possible fate imaginable. It is too bad that they are most likely wrong in their belief of an afterlife because they surely deserve the eternal torment prescribed for their actions by their own holy book.

4 thoughts on “Extreme Religious Parenting… again: Sad Sunday Morning

      1. I agree with that. But surely you don’t believe that the world trade bombings were approved of by every single muslim. Most cases of religious extremism is just that, Religious extremism. Not every Muslim is out to kill you and not every Christian is out to impose Christianity on others through violent crusades. Most instances of “horrible things that people do in the name of religion” are actually done by violent offshoots that twist the Qu’ran or the Bible to say things that no one else in that religion believe. sure there are bad things done in the name of religion, but there are also bad things done in the name of atheism. *Cough*Cough*Soviet Russia*Cough*Cough*

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      2. No, I would never say that nothing bad is done by societies that insist religion be kept out of governing, aka communist nations like China and Russia. However the bad things that you claim are done in “the name of atheism” have no relation to atheism at all and are done by oppressive regimes, whereas the things I point to as being done in the name of religion, like 911 and the abortion clinic bombings, are done directly because of scripture and because of those individuals taking scripture literally where moderates say they are extremists.

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