A Brand New World

This story starts out with the takeover of the American government by the extreme right-wing politicians, which originated with the election of Donald Trump. By 2020, most left-leaning citizens were thoroughly disgusted with the direction America was headed. In early 2017, astronomers discovered several potentially habitable planets orbiting a relatively nearby star. Several extremely wealthy American investors and business developers set a plan into motion with their combined finances. Scientists estimated that a journey to the nearest of these planets would take 40 years at the speed of light. Since no one on Earth has developed technology capable of travelling anywhere near the speed of light, the scientists concluded that it would take several human lifetimes to reach them. probably closer to ten or more, not to mention how long it would take to design and build a craft capable of making the journey carrying hundreds of thousands of new settlers and the supplies needed to create a settlement. With the most intelligent minds working to solve this, they set about their task, knowing they would never see their new home, hoping to provide a more positive atmosphere for future generations.

Do I want this to turn into a novel? I think so….

How would I best tell this story? What about a series of short stories, all about the different  stages: maybe short stories about individuals’ noted accomplishments made during all of the stages of this endeavor. Most stories being about different individuals who made significant accomplishments.

I think I will post a few chapters from my book as I write it, in an attempt to get people talking about it and anticipating its release. Maybe I can even get some ideas for characters who accomplish something of note.

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