Word of the day: Fusion

This should be an interesting one; let’s see where it goes.

Fusion: a blending of two or more things, whether they be physical things, like a mango-papaya fusion juice blend, or something without a tangible substance, like ideas. A fusion of ideas, that’s where we’ll take this.

In my studies for my BA degree, I am going for a sort of fusion of ideas. I want to work in journalism, possibly with online media, and I think this blog and all of my personal writings are ideas of mine: ways for me to be remembered after I die. That goes deep, but those are the thoughts that define my goals and all of my accomplishments. I want some kid someday in the future to decide to do a report on me, or someone to go better than my autobiography and write an outside view of my life: my accomplishments along with my failures or follies. Basically I want to be remembered in some fashion. That’s a little vain, but that’s another story. Let’s get back to the topic at hand: fusion.

So we have a fusion of ideas that I want to focus on. My fusion of ideas. All right, fusion in my academic desires. I haven’t mentioned one of my oldest driving desires and it is very easily blended into this fusion that I am creating. Teaching, I have had some amazing teachers, and I expect I will have more. I want to teach, more precisely, I want to inspire or encourage the desire to learn. That is one of the fundamental motivations that has to be at the center of my fusion. I have that angle on my yearning for this degree, along with several other motivations. When I get right down to it, I think I have more, or at least better, reasons to pursue this degree.

With a fusion of any kind certain things go in and others are strictly kept out. I’m fairly certain that I don’t want to be a huge media personality, at least not on television or film. There are some classes I won’t need. I did notice a public speaking course I have to take and that should will be interesting. I know I won’t need the majority of speech-type classes that are needed for a reporter or broadcaster. We shall see; I’m going to university to learn. If I knew everything I wouldn’t be enrolled.

So that’s a little mini rant of mine on the topic of fusion in a sense. If we went into nuclear fusion and fission this would be a totally different post. I am a little curious about that stuff, but more curious about communications.

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